ISSN 1556-6757







Volume 1, Issue 1, 2010


Analysis of Shoreline-Changes Based on the Geometric Representation of the Shorelines in the GIS Database.  Tarig A. Ali


In this paper, the relationship between shoreline-changes and shoreline-curvature has been studied based on the representations of shorelines in the GIS database using a new concept called shoreline-segment orientation. This method determines shoreline-curvature based on the angular deviation of each shoreline segment from its neighbors and also from the line that connects the shoreline’s nodes; introducing two types of orientations local and global. Six shorelines in the study area mapped over 28-years have been used to study the relationship. Average shoreline-changes have shown higher correlation with local shoreline curvature

than with global. Results also suggest that concave shoreline-segments experience more erosion than convex and straight ones.