ISSN 1556-6757







Volume 2, Issue 1, 2010


The Casimir Force Along the Universal Boundary: Quantitative Solutions and Implications
Stanley A. Koren and Michael A. Persinger


To accommodate an intrinsic universal pressure of about 0.1 nPa the Casimir solution requires a second boundary separated from the universal perimeter by 54 μm. The estimated power density (0.45 W/m2) from the associated blackbody electromagnetic emissions from this concentric shell along the universal boundary would be within the mJy range at earth distance. We found that the convergence between the reciprocal values for electromagnetic wavelength associated with the time required for any increment of space to increase by one Planck length also converged at 54 μm. The two quantitative solutions would be compatible with an intrinsic resonance within the organization of spatial dimensions and would require a reciprocal representation within the smallest and largest spaces. Full Article