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Volume 1, Issue 2, 2007

Financial Liberalization and Openness in Malaysia

Goh Soo Khoon

The aims of this dissertation are twofold: firstly, to study how Malaysian financial openness has changed over time, and secondly, to analyze the effects of capital controls on the composition of capital flows and on macroeconomic variables in Malaysia.  Full Dissertation

Novel Energy-Efficient Leakage Current Minimization Techniques for CMOS VLSI Circuits
Preetham Lakshmikanthan

Leakage power loss is a major concern in deep-submicron technologies. In this research, a combination of high-threshold and standard-threshold sleep transistors embedded within the CMOS topology was used in voltage balancing of the pull-up network as well as the pull-down network, thereby shutting them off and minimizing leakage loss. A signal probability based self-controller was designed for leakage power reduction. It is the core of this work that sequences the working of these sleep-embedded cells in any VLSI circuit. Since signal probabilities are used to determine the mode of operation of these cells, there is no need for any extra external circuitry for this purpose. Experimental results show significant leakage savings in CMOS circuits employing this sleep-circuitry when compared to standard CMOS circuits.  Full Dissertation

Exploring Reintroduction of Lahontan Cutthroat Trout in a Headwater Stream
Jonathan E. Stead

This study compared short-term growth of two hatchery strains and one wild strain in a headwater stream. The Independence strain grew more than others in both experiments, suggesting that it may be better suited for reintroduction in small headwater streams. I also investigated movements following release of the Independence strain, which tended to remain

in the vicinity of their release sites. Finally, I investigated background levels of Renibacterium salmoninarum in wild trout present at my study site.  Full Dissertation


GIS Based Facility Location Planning with Different Types of Consumers

Weiping Zeng



This dissertation integrates geographic information systems (GIS), optimization modeling, aggregation, and heuristic methodologies to study facility location planning on a transportation network. It focuses on shaping our understanding of geographical advantages and consumers’ behaviors in facility location. It aims at satisfying consumers' diverse desires and needs while simultaneously easing the burden on location decision-makers by developing novel models, identifying new types of consumers, generalizing known models, and developing integrated methods of efficiently aggregating data. Full Dissertation