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Volume 1, Issue 2, 2007

Optimization Of The Water Use In The River Damodar In West Bengal In India: An Integrated Multi-Reservoir System With The Help Of Artificial Neural Network
Mrinmoy Majumder, Pankaj Kumar Roy, Asis Mazumdar

The present study attempts to optimize the outflow and the water distribution of entire Damodar

catchment with the help of Artificial Neural Network(ANN). It is worth to mention that the large

river valley project like Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) with four dams and one barrage

makes the simulation of Damodar more challenging, as it becomes a controlled flow system.

Event of heavy floods are common which necessitates the development of a proper optimization

of the water distribution. 8 inputs and 24 output parameters are configured and with the help of

NeuroDimension 5, a commercial software. 4 ANN Models are prepared. The data from 1996 to

2000 was used to create and test the models. The model with minimum average mean square

error (MSE) (2.55%) was selected and used for the optimization. The distribution of water by the

model shows a priority wise selection giving the highest priority to the most important use of the

local area of the adjacent reservoir. Full Article

Directional Properties of the Dummy-Head in Measurement Techniques based on Binaural Evaluation      György Wersényi

Dummy-heads are often used for standardized measurements where modeling of the average human head and torso is relevant and evaluation of results is made binaurally. They are used for noise measurements, in-situ testing of acoustical environments as well as for research in human spatial hearing and localization. As a measurement device, it has spectral, temporal and first of all, directional properties. These are characterized by the complex Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) describing the directional dependent filtering of the ears. These properties can be evaluated through measurements using accurate settings of sound source directions, long-term averaging and increased spatial resolution. Monaural HRTFs of a Brüel & Kjćr manikin were measured in the anechoic chamber and they were evaluated spectrally by focusing on directional properties, spectral distortions, effect of the head-shadow area and symmetries in measurement data.  Full Article


Protection Architectures for WDM Optical Fibre Bus Sensor Arrays
Eduardo López Izquierdo, Paul Urquhart, Manuel López-Amo

We propose and critically compare novel designs of wavelength multiplexed fibre sensor

networks that can withstand one or more cable failures. Our designs use protection switching

to recover service and they can be based on four combinations of dedicated, shared, line and

path protection. We identify architectures that can (1) tolerate at least one failure at any point,

(2) perform signalling without requiring additional external resources and (3) impose nominally

equal transmission impairments on all channels, be they in the working or protection states.

Our preference for most circumstances is the “direct unidirectional sensor array”, operated by

either dedicated line or dedicated path protection. Full Article


Performance Analysis of Primary Air Heater Under Particulate Condition in Lignite-Fired Power Plant    Pipat Juangjandee and Thawan Sucharitakul


This research paper studies the performance of cross-flow heat exchanger, known as the primary air heater in a 300 MW lignite-fired power plant under particulate, no leakage, and leakage conditions. Normally, this equipment exchanges heat between the hot flue gas and the inlet combustion air which operates under a high content of fly ash. Testing was executed with the full American society of mechanical engineers, performance test code no. 4.3 field test (ASME PTC 4.3) to provide final verification of performance. The leakage values of selected primary air heater were 6.31, 7.37, and 7.65 % when the power plant was run at the manufacturer guaranteed turbine generator capacity of 100, 80, and 60 % respectively. Under these conditions, the gas side efficiency of the selected primary air heater was found to be at the low level of 66.83, 65.44, and 62.12 % and X-ratios were 0.92, 0.88, and 0.79 respectively. The air heater leakage and particulate matter have an effect on the performance of primary air heaters and would tend to poor efficiency.  
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Design of Semantic Bridge: A Generalized Web Service Providing Programmable Access to Distributed Heterogeneous Data  G. M. Prabhu, Prabhakar Balakrishnan


This paper describes the design of a system called Semantic Bridge that provides programmable access to unknown, remote data. Using semantic-based principles with a shared domain model, the most recent Java technologies, and advances in knowledge discovery, we enable data users to write abstract, implementation-independent database programs using a Semantic Programming Interface (SPI). These programs are automatically transformed into executables that run within a secure ‘sandbox’ at each data source and return the processed results to the remote user. The data sources define the visibility rules for different categories of users, and only that data is accessible to remote user programs. Apart from defining the visibility, they do not have to provide any implementations. Because the SPI is stable over time, Semantic Bridge can be thought of as a Generalized Web Service where remote users are in full control of their processing needs––user-defined data selection, userdefine doperations on the selected data, and user-defined input/output formats are supported.
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Decision Rule Extraction from Binary Data Using Winning Combinations
Yuval Cohen, Arik Sadeh, Arie Ben-David


This paper presents a new approach for making inferences about binary data. The objective is to determine rules that lead to a certain result. The method consists of four phases: in the first phase, the data is processed into a binary format of a Truth Table; in the second phase, rules are defined by utilizing an algorithm that minimizes Boolean functions (by Quine and McCluskey); in the third phase, the rules are checked and filtered; and in the fourth phase, simple rules that involve one to two features are presented. Full Article


Opto-electronics based wireless slip ring system
En Hong, Don A. Gregory, Abhishek Krishnamurthy


A slip ring is a rotary electrical interface which performs continuous data transfer or supplies power between a rotary and a stationary structure. A few of the numerous approaches for transferring data include contact and non-contact methods which use wires, radio waves, optical fibers joints and even liquid as the transfer media. However, they all suffer inherent drawbacks in durability, reliability, stability, electromagnetic interference and speed. The novel system introduced in this paper alleviates many of these issues by employing a wireless through the air optical solution. A prototype system was built during the course of this research which illustrates the technique. The final experimental results agree with the expected results for a maximum reliable data transmission rate of 1.45 MB/sec. Full Article


Handgrip Recognition

Zong Chen and Michael Recce



Dynamic handgrip recognition is a new biometric authentication method based on the human grasping behavior. Handgrip pattern recognition seeks to analyze the dynamics inherent in grasping behavior such as how the pressure varying during the grasping process. A novel real-time biometric system based on handgrip pattern is proposed for smart gun design in this paper. An experiment was initialized and the results proved that handgrip pattern recognition is a promising biometric technology for smart gun design.  Full Article


High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) Generator Field Coil System Fault Analysis

David I Eromon and P. A. Edigin


Coils with high temperature superconducting (HTS) are generally stable against transient thermal disturbances. Protection against spontaneous quenches is not a main design issue for an HTS coil. However, HTS coils used in many electric devices such as motors, generators, transformers, and current limiters will operate under over-current fault conditions, which may result in a coil quench and thermal runaway. Those electric devices should be able to ride through some grid fault conditions and remain functional. This requires a certain over-current capability of the HTS coils. This paper discusses the overcurrent requirements from grid faults and the thermal transient responses of a Bismuth Strontium Calcium Copper Oxide (BSCCO) coil.  Full Article


Internet Applications with Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks: A Survey
H. Chris Tseng


Many internet applications need to deal with large amount of data collected from non-technical users and is imprecise and incomplete in nature. Well structured rules are hardly available in general applications and the nature and the pattern of the users can never be fully accounted. Soft computing techniques like fuzzy logic and neural network are ideal for coping with this type of problems. We survey recent internet applications using these techniques from 2003 to present and summarize the applications in several categories. The survey finds these soft computing techniques are suitable for internet applications. Full Article


Distributed Frequent Itemsets Mining in Heterogeneous Platforms

Lamine M. Aouad, Nhien-An Le-Khac and Tahar M. Kechadi


Huge amounts of datasets with different sizes are naturally distributed over the network. In

this paper we propose a distributed algorithm for frequent itemsets generation on heterogeneous clusters and grid environments. In addition to the disparity in the performance and the workload capacity in these environments, other constraints are related to the datasets distribution and their nature, and the middleware structure and overheads. The proposed approach uses a dynamic workload management through a block-based partitioning, and takes into account inherent characteristics of the Apriori algorithm related to the candidate sets generation. The proposed technique greatly enhances the performance and achieves high scalability compared to the existing distributed Apriori-based approaches. This approach is evaluated on large scale datasets distributed over a heterogeneous cluster.  Full Article


Method of D2L Separation Chart in Asynchronous Machine
David I. Eromon and Paul A. Kuale


This paper present the generalized electrical machines design problem, with a review of induction machines. The presentation of the machines characteristics, such as the explanation of a new chart for separating the bore diameter (D) and axial length (L) from their D2L is fully presented, and its role in the general electrical machines design problems. The chart for separating the main dimensions bore diameter (D) and axial length (L) from their D2L product, idea thus unified all existing methods of separation of D and L from their D2L and it also gives a

clearer understanding of the problem and allows for the easy imagination of the physical structure of a machine. Furthermore, in computer aided design it simplifies and economizes computer usage in optimal design of main dimensions.  Full Article

Laboratory Evaluation of Unmodified and Polymer-Modified Performance-Grade Binders with Anti-Stripping Additives    Selvaratnam Selvamohan , Musharraf Zaman, Joakim Laguros

To prevent stripping, amine-based liquid anti-stripping additives are commonly added to asphalt binders. The effect of these anti-stripping additives in each PG binder type is not known. The objective of this research is to measure and compare the changes in introduced namely, PG 70-28, PG 76-28 and PG 64-22, when two selected anti-stripping additives are added. Performance grade of Oklahoma PG 64-22 binder exhibited insignificant grade change compared to the other two polymer modified binders with different percentages of anti-stripping additives. The maximum change in high grade temperatures for PG 64-22 was 1.5oC except at 1.00% Perma Tac Plus. PG 70-28 underwent a grade change of 3.2oC while PG 76-28 showed 3.6oC. Given PG 76-28 was close to a PG 82-28.  Full Article