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Volume 1, Issue 2, 2007

Internet2 as Support for Opportunities to Learn
Robert Wolffe

How does an institution consider change? In many organizations a process of strategic planning is used. At Bradley University, part of our strategic planning involved completing a first attempt to identify how we can effectively use high-speed connectivity to enhance our teaching and to support scholarship. By using an approach that carefully considered relevant research and experiences, we have identified numerous ideas to expand learning opportunities for our educational community and to provide better support to scholars. Through this process, we have developed recommendations for using high-speed connections based on best practices in teaching and learning and for promoting change. Full Article

Unemployment and Clientelism: The Piquetero Movement
Aldo Fernando Ponce

This paper sheds light on possible explanations for the growth and endurance of the piquetero social movement in Argentina, developed from a comparative perspective based on Latin America. I show which institutional arrangements, political actors, and configurations of power contributed to the success of the piqueteros. Applying the basic principles of the rational choice approach, I find that the success of the piquetero movement was produced by the current political division in the ruling party (the Peronist party), by the over-regulated Argentine labor market, and by the exogenous impact of the Argentine economic crisis through the unemployment rates.  Full Article