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Volume 2, Issue 1, 2008


Measuring performance of small-and-medium sized enterprises: the grounded theory approach
H Gin Chong


Using the procedures stipulated by the grounded theory, this study reports the findings of in-depth semi-structured interviews with five owners-managers of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) on how performance is being measured. The findings reveal that the owners-managers use a hybrid approach combining both the financial and non-financial measures to evaluate performance against the predetermined goals and time. Time axis is based on the durations of completing a project. The findings have implications to both the SMEs and large organizations. Full Article


IT Staff Management Techniques For Improved Recruiting and Retention

Richard A. Scorce


Annual turnover rates for Information Technology staff have traditionally exceeded other job

classifications by ten to twenty percent during both boom and recession cycles. How do we achieve acceptable retention rates for the technician who is often viewed as being more loyal to the Information Technology profession than to the organization? Besides the retention challenge, managers of technical staff must face up to the recruitment task of acquiring experienced IT professionals. This paper suggests that the techniques and practices that management utilizes for IT professionals can be customized to match the ambitions, character traits and personality of the IT staffer. Full Article

Linking Career Development Practices to Turnover Intention: The Mediator of Perceived Organizational Support  Tan Foong-ming


This study investigates the mediating role of perceived organizational support (POS) in linking career development practices (CDP) with turnover intention with 357 Malaysian knowledge workers. Data were collected from four different knowledge intensive industries, namely finance, information technology (IT), engineering, and education. Under individual perception of long-term CDP, structural equation modeling analysis revealed that POS completely mediates perceptions of career development opportunities, supervisory support, and internal promotion among knowledge workers. Career orientation and cultural influences of the perception of organizational support by Malaysian knowledge workers in the workplace and the impact towards human resource management policies are discussed. Full Article


Resistance Levels for Three Foreign Exchange Rates
Samih Antoine Azar


Academic research on chartist methods has dealt mainly with trading rules. This paper innovates by considering resistance levels for foreign exchange rates that are called thresholds in the technical literature. However, unlike the literature, these thresholds are taken to be at fixed and round figures: 2 for the British pound, 200 for the Japanese yen and 2 for the Swiss franc. The null hypothesis of one regime is rejected for the alternative hypothesis of two regimes. The three foreign exchange rates follow a very strong mean-reverting process in the upper bands, while mean reversion is fairly strong in the lower bands. Market timing rules are proposed for these three foreign exchange rates. Full Article


Human Capital Investment and Growth: A Dynamic Education Model

Ben Mimoun Mohamed and Raies Asma



The paper aims to explicitly determine the distribution of human capital across hierarchic

educational stages along the transition process, and to analyze the determinants of its evolution.

We apply optimal control principles in a model of endogenous growth with two successive stages of education. We show that with initial relative scarcity of advanced human capital, the duration of studies at the advanced level should increase until reaching its equilibrium level. We also find that, by raising the duration of studies at the advanced schooling level, improvements in the quality of education at this level also enhances the economy’s growth rate, both in the transition and in the long-run.  Full Article


Reputation and Firm Acquisition
Margarida Catal„o-Lopes


Why do some firm acquisitions give rise to a single brand name, and why, following others, all

brands involved subsist? How do the demand cross effects, the brand equity of the rivals and

the strategic variable of competition influence this decision? The current paper addresses these

issues. It is shown that keeping all names involved is always profitable, but adopting a common

one may not be. However, the latter is the best choice whenever the new brand's expected

value is higher than the average reputation of the pre-acquisition ones. When the rival's

reputation is strong, this brand dilemma becomes less accute. Full Article

Conventional versus Environmentally-Sensitive Wines: The Status of Wine Production Strategies in California North Coast Counties  Asayehgn Desta


Contrary to "command and control" regulation, the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA), in collaboration with the California Wine Institute and the California Association of Winegrowers (CAWG), has developed a voluntary self-assessment code for the wine industries to achieve more efficient Environmental Management Systems (EMS). The purpose of this study is to compare and contrast the wineries in the three California north coast counties of Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma. This study examines whether they meet or exceed the goals of the self-assessment regulatory policies, whether they have redesigned their wine strategies, and whether they produce environmentally sensitive wine as defined by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Codebook. Additionally, it will examine whether the vineyards and wineries in these counties adhere to the voluntary self-assessment procedures proposed by the California Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Practices when growing and producing organic wine.  Full Article

Small-Scale Industries in the Globalization Era: The case of Jordan
Basem M. Lozi


The research examines the role of SSI in the economic development of Jordan by showing
the effects of the SSI on the unemployment rate, production, and sales. The research
concludes with policy recommendations to ensure the sustained and competitive growth of
small-scale industries in Jordan. The results of the study show that the growth of SSI in
Jordan in terms of employment, production and sales has increased due to globalization and
domestic liberalization. However, it is still not as significant as planned. The SSI sector should
be encouraged to make a sustainable contribution to the national income, employment, and
Full Article