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Volume 1, Issue 1, 2009


An Adaptive Finite Element Analysis for Tooth Deformation and Load Distribution of Helical Gears   Yi Zhang and Hsiang H. Lin

An adaptive model of three dimensional finite element approaches has been developed to perform static analysis of helical gears. Several typical contact conditions due to different tooth engagement positions and face widths are studied. Tooth deformation and load distribution along the contact line of separate contact conditions are calculated and compared. For gears with narrower face width or smaller helix angle, local contact compliance has a very significant effect on the total tooth deformation and the load distribution along the contact line is more uniform. On the contact line, the magnitude of tooth load is greater at the points that have higher meshing stiffness and lower deformation. The present model provides more detailed information regarding tooth surface deformation when compared with existing gear literature. It can be used to design helical gears for minimum transmission error to help reduce dynamic loading and stress of the gear systems.
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