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Volume 1, Issue 1, 2009, ISSN 2150-8143
Analyzing Data from a Regression Discontinuity Study: A Research Note
Howard B. Lee


The Chow Test (Chow, 1960) is a method well known in econometrics. It was originally designed to analyze the same variables obtained in two different data sets to determine if they were similar enough to be pooled together. The method, however, could be used to determine if two regression lines are different from one another. This article discusses the use of the Chow Test on data obtained in a regression discontinuity study. Full Article

(Mis- ?) using the E-Delphi Method: An Attempt to Articulate the Practical Knowledge of Teaching 
Per Lindqvist and Ulla Karin Nordänger


Teachers’ practical knowledge is usually considered as deeply contextual and narratives or case

studies are frequently used as tools for exploration. Less commonly applied to this area of study

is the e-Delphi method which traditionally precludes the personal context. The article describes

how the method was used in combination with e-mail and problematizes the method’s potential

for taking advantage of, as well as excluding, personal contexts. Attention is drawn to whether the

method provides opportunities for professionals to extend and clarify formulations on practical

knowledge. Ways of deviating from the structured process which is traditionally part of the

method are discussed. Full Article