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Volume 2, Issue 1, 2012


Tentative Transition to Market Communications: Early Television Advertising in Kazakhstan. Amos Owen Thomas


While there has been considerable growth of commercial media such as in local, national and regional television in Kazakhstan, the reality is still one of oligopolistic competition with much political intervention.  Utilising personal interviews with and secondary data from ad agencies, market research firms and media owners, this paper maps the early history and development of television and advertising industries in this Central Asian state. This research suggests that the tentative practice of advertising in this transitional economy resembles that of developing countries rather than emulation of the developed models upheld. Yet its challenges with account handling, media buying and creative services in Kazakhstan might hold lessons for other newcomers to the capitalist production system in its region. The author argues further that its practitioners and policy-makers could learn from the historic experience of developing, emergent and transitional economies worldwide.  Full Article


The Millennial Generation’s preferences and usage of mobile devices in the US
Niaz Ahmed



This study examined the Millennial Generation’s preferences and usage of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, ebook readers and PDAs. Data for this study were collected from a non-random sample of 415 college students in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Results revealed that a large majority of college students owned smartphones and tablet computers while 100 percent of students owned basic mobile phones. Almost all college students used mobile devices for text messaging while about nine in ten students used them for emails and for finding coupons and deals. Nearly eight in 10 students also used their mobile devices for GPS navigation, playing music, checking news, and making voice calls. Also, almost seven in 10 students used mobile devices for checking weather and for accessing social media. One of the most notable findings of this survey was that majority of college students also used mobile devices for school-related tasks. A large majority of college students have positive perceptions of the usefulness of mobile devices, and believed that tablet devices could help them in their academic performance.  Full Article