ISSN 1556-6757







Volume 1, Issue 1, 2012


Morphometric Traits and Karyotypic Features of the African Lungfish (Um Koro) Protopterus annectens annectens (Owen, 1839) and Protopterus aethiopicus aethiopicus (Heckel, 1851) in Sudan.  Amna Omer and Sumaia Abukashawa

The purpose of the study was to review the prevalence, the morphometric traits and the karyotypic variation of the African lungfish (Um koro) in Sudan. Twenty cocoons containing adults of the African lungfish Protopterus annectens annectens were collected from dry ponds of Khor Al- Jogan in Northern Kordofan State. Five adult specimens of the African lungfish Protopterus aethiopicus aethiopicus were caught alive at Jebal Aulia dam on the White Nile. Morphometric measurements, including the standard length, depth, distance above the lateral line, distance below the lateral line, peduncle length and peduncle depth were taken. Measurements and ratios performed revealed that P. aethiopicus aethiopicus is longer and larger in size than P. annectens annectens. The karyotypes of the two species were investigated. P. annectens annectens was found to have a diploid number of chromosomes of 2n=34, whereas P. aethiopicus aethiopicus demonstrated a diploid number of 2n =28 chromosomes.

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