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Volume 4, Issue 1, 2012, ISSN 1948-5778

His Name is Not Tadzio, or Death in Marseilles: Anna Seghers’s Transit
Eckhard Rolz

Anna Seghers’s novel Transit was widely praised by critics, especially in the former German Democratic Republic. Heinrich Böll even regards it as the most beautiful novel Anna Seghers ever wrote. A close analysis of the text, however, reveals many lose ends, one-dimensional characters, stereotypical descriptions of people, and subjects who act irrationally and strange. It is a platform for preaching her political views intermixed with Greek Mythology and Christian imagery. In addition, she borrows heavily from Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice, but fails to reach the sophistication Mann’s novel exhibits.  Full Article


Love in Rumi sonnets: The case of Divane Shams

Mahdi Rahimian

Molavi/Rumi is one of the famous influential figures in the history of Persia, currently known as Iran, as wellas the Western World. A famous book by Rumi is Divane Shams (The book of Shams). This book includes 3229 sonnets plus some other types of poetry. Rumi is named as the poet of love by some researchers (Barks et al, 2003). In this paper, the relationship between the use of the word love and its connotations has been studied. The suggested connotation candidates have been induced from the poems themselves. Additionally, whenever needed, other resources have been consulted to support the potential suggestive meaning. After applying conditional probability statistical procedure, it is suggested that the word love can suggest some specific connotative meanings. Full Article