ISSN 1556-6757







Volume 2, Issue 1, 2012


Blending of oils: A case study on storage stability and sensory characteristics of a ready to eat extruded snack.  Sridevi Gulla and Kavita Waghray

Taking into consideration the regional preferences of the local population to sesame oil, the present study of nutritional evaluation of six different oil blends was conducted using sesame oil as control. The oil blends selected were rice bran, cottonseed, soyabean, palmolein, mustard, and corn in the ratios of 80:20 and 20:80 with sesame oil. These oil blends were used for making a ready to eat (RTE) extruded snack. Shelf life studies during storage for two months were examined for changes in chemical and sensory characteristics. Near significant changes were observed in the oil extracted from the fried product in comparison to control. Sensory evaluation of the ready to eat (RTE) extruded snack indicated that it was chemically acceptable up to two months of storage. Full Article