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SJI accepts unsolicited reviews of print and non-print material. However, we discourage unsolicited reviews conducted by advisees, colleagues, spouses or friends of an author or artist. Such relations place the reviewer's credibility into question and make a reviewer vulnerable to  conflict of interest.

SJI welcomes reviews from researchers and writers in all disciplines. Each submission is reviewed by three to seven peer reviewers with final decisions reported to the author, usually within three months. If your manuscript is accepted for publication, you will be asked to submit the License to Publish agreement along with a processing fee of $99.95. Why is this fee necessary?

Please click the link General Guidelines and read the section at the end of the page titled Why We Charge a Processing Fee. Unlike some traditional and online journals, we do not charge a submission fee for reviewing a manuscript for publication consideration.

We publish reviews of the following types of works from the current and previous year.

Films and documentaries
Computer games and video games
Music CDs
Web services
Museum exhibitions
And more...

1. Submit your review to SJI Editor as email attachments.  The email subject should be Submission to Journal of Reviews.

2. Your manuscript may follow any style manual (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).

3. The manuscript must be your original work.

. Cover Page
Include a cover page as a separate file attachment (it should NOT be in the same file that contains your manuscript). To facilitate anonymous reviews, indication of authorship should appear only on this page.  This separate cover page must contain the following information.

Title of the Work being Reviewed
Your Name
Your Academic Department or Discipline
Your Institutional Affiliation
Your Position
Mailing Address
Email Address
Telephone Number
Type of Work being Reviewed (book, film, video, etc.))
Field or Discipline or Subject Matter of the Work being Reviewed

Desired field of reviewers (Since the Journal of Reviews covers multiple fields or disciplines, we need to ensure that your manuscript
is sent to peer reviewers in your specific field.  Please specify your desired field of peer reviewers.

Include your manuscript as a separate file attachment. At the beginning of the article, state the title of the manuscript. Below the title, state "Submitted to the Journal of ...(name of journal)." Your manuscript must be edited and polished to high professional standards. Submissions with numerous grammatical errors will not be sent out for peer reviews.

The review article should begin by citing the work being reviewed, with bibliographic information including, author or editor of the work, full title including any subtitle, copyright date, place of publication, publisher, length, ISBN Number, and price if available. The review should contain a brief description of the structure and contents of the  work, a statement of its purpose and scope, and a critical appraisal of the work. It should assess the work's value and usefulness, strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations and complete information on how to access the resource. Reviews should be informative, fair, and balanced. Treat authors with respect, and express your ideas in courteous, temperate, and constructive terms. Reviews can be up to 10 pages long.

Submit to:
SJI Editor


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